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OZORA Bigger Cup Kendama Handbook set Light Blue

3,520 JPY

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Japan Kendama Association recommended model (Can be used for “Kyu” and “Jun-shodan” license exams.) Made by craftsmen in Yamagata Prefecture. A lighter model with 25% larger cups compared to official Kendamas realizes an easier design and recommended for beginners and elder people. Supervised by Dr. Takuji Shirasawa. Acceptable in “Kyu” and “Jun-shodan” license exams. A hand book of 52 pages written by Dr. Takuji Shirasawa and supervised by the Japan Kendama Association (detailed explanation of the efficacy of Kendama, training method, and trick instructions.) is attached to the package. Also favorable as a gift. Choose the best one and enjoy the lifelong sport Kendama. Material: Beech, cherry tree Dimension: Length 18 cm Made in Japan Attachments: Instruction manual, spare string

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